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Bryce Winter's PEAK Method Small Group Classes

The PEAK method of coaching is based on providing Powerful Empathic Active Key instructions to group participants, using a variety of communication modes including voice, melody, pitch, body language and volume as well as specific targeted “body part to location” instructions.


My approach to PEAK performance, strength and vitality is rooted in over a decade of research and 27 years of personal training as well as numerous trainings and certifications in systems and methods including Yoga, Pilates, Flow and Tai Chi.

I specialize in efficient, quick, safe, low impact, high intensity, workouts. An effective safe group environment is made available by a  mature, experienced and articulate coach who uses language, assertion and example to provide motivated insight for change.

Results of coaching can be breakthrough, depending on the commitment and frequency of the participant. Various programs are available.

Heavy weights are not required to develop awesome arms, abs and shoulders: body awareness and movement are all that's required.

Heavy weights are not required to develop awesome arms, abs and shoulders: body awareness and movement are all that's required.

Feel your confidence improve as your ability to tackle mountains (literal or figurative) increases dramatically!

Feel your confidence improve as your ability to tackle mountains (literal or figurative) increases dramatically!

Bryce Winter's Personal Training system

I work with clients to increase their voluntary physical fluency as well along with their general conditioning as a basis for constant mental improvement through increased physical challenge. This also creates emotional resiliency, if adhered to.

Creating non-linear results presents the challenge of presenting non-linear challenges (leaps into unknown, frequently uncomfortable territory) to my clients, so I have learned it is important that clients self-identify the qualities of:


If these qualities are present, schedules align and payment is made, success is predictable.

Step One: Analysis & Starting Prescription

The first step in the PEAK method is figuring out what got you where you are today, where you would like to be that’s different, and what kind of things may be holding you back.

Part 1: (free) 30-minute quick audit and conversation.

You will complete a quick 8-part multiple choice quiz to find out how your mind works, then do some very basic movements with me watching (like walking, sitting, lying down and getting up). From these simple beginnings I am able to diagnose a broad spectrum of analysis on you. I complete this with a short verbal run-down of what potential I see in you as well as what pitfalls appear to be holding you back right now, as well as likely corrective direction.

Part 2: ($150) 60-minute detailed diagnosis and initial plan

Following Part 1, if you choose to continue, I will administer a comprehensive fitness aptitude test that covers your current abilities, detailed goals as well as certain psychological aspects required to ensure your success.

On a different day, we will meet for half an hour to review your results together with my written report; as well as a basic program that meets you where you are now and starts you on the voyage of where you want to go.

Bryce Winter, unretouched photograph. Bryce is over fifty.

Bryce Winter, unretouched photograph. Bryce is over fifty.

Step Two: TraininG

Training varies considerably depending on your condition, goals and available equipment.

All training includes off-site preparation as well as one-on-one training sessions. My job is to motivate, provide structure, educate as well as provide course correction as we go. I don’t yell, shout or scream. I do ask you to push your boundaries and exceed your perceived limits, one step at a time. Most people respond well to this form of tutoring. If you require a different style, let me know.

Get answers to questions like:

  • How can I overcome my physical challenges?
  • How can I succeed where I failed previously?
  • What should I do to increase my motivation?
  • How can I become both strong and flexible?
  • Can yoga and weightlifting go together?
  • How often should I exercise?
  • What is the role of stretching?
  • What is the role of posture?
  • What is the role of nutrition?
  • What is the role of hydration?
  • What is the role of supplements?
  • What about rest / sleep?
  • When should I eat?
  • What about stress?
  • What about smoking?

Beginner Sessions, ONCE-a-week TOGETHER training.

Once a week training in personalized PEAK sessions are an excellent step towards creating major shifts. I find less than once a week, and you will lack sufficient training and motive to keep up with the plan; more and it is too much of a change and a time struggle for those in the first stages.

  • Fundamental concepts
  • Learn the gym
  • Gym etiquette
  • Equipment
  • Program
  • Workout timing and duration
  • Dos and Don’ts

Intermediate Sessions, ONCE-A-WEEK TO TWICE-A-WEEK SOMETIMES training.

  • Introducing mirror work, posing and specific movement adaptation.
  • Super sets and other combination techniques
  • Rhythm and cadence
  • Intensity
  • Tempo

Advanced / TWICE A WEEK TOGETHER training (please inquire)

Cutting through old barriers, developing advanced muscular control; extreme outcomes using an Advanced Victory Success system.

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Introductory GENR8 Fitness Plans

All fees payable in advance of that component. On-going fees to be paid by automatic billing via PayPal to your credit or debit card. Travel time is added outside of downtown.

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