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coach, trainer, brand agent

As a brand agent, I work with businesses to find fresh perspectives on business development and customer interaction. Diverse experience as a merchandiser, strategist, event designer and GENR8 facilitator brings a global edge to my work. My work is both intimate in impact and broad in appeal. 

Experience helping top-100 brands like Virgin, CHANEL and TD Canada Trust, as well as hundreds of local businesses and entreprepreneurs translates into strategic action producing immediate bottom-line results. 

As a facilitator & coach here are a few of the written comments I have received:

  1. It was an eye-opener.
  2. Good process for reaching agreement.
  3. ..results actually happened.
  4. As we went along it became more and more interesting.
  5. Fun, interesting, valuable!!
  6. I liked what we came up with respect to mission statements, visions, values and tactics.
  7. Always upbeat and easy to listen to.
  8. Kept process light, enjoyable, non-threatening to members.
  9. ..entertaining and energetic.
  10. Very good at bringing out ideas in a fun, energetic way!
  11. ..fun and kept on subject.
  12. ..well-organized and has a way of getting everyone to participate (and to think!).
  13. Very productive.
  14. Finally we are doing something to improve the organization, communication and roles.
  15. Required! Should have been done many years ago!
  16. Bryce knows the process to make the mind work.

What do you want to accomplish in your organization today?

Bryce Winter’s uniquely diverse experience and perspectives as a brand strategist, event producer; coach, merchandiser; marketer, and designer empowers you to leverage success on a global field. 

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