Congratulations: you have made it past the one year mark in your business!

You’ve stayed afloat, and now that you have; you want more.

Now is the time to commit to moving things ahead with SPEED and EASE:

  • Get a tested approach to brand development;

  • Build in your own personal motivation to your success;

  • Create a means for others to get involved with your business and champion your brand;

  • Learn use of the latest digital tools–and preparation for the next generation of digital tools coming tomorrow.

Brand CEO Coach Club

GENR8 Champion Explorer Program:

Are you a brand CEO?

Do you believe in the power of coaching?

This club might be for you.

Bring the problem-solving abilities of over 1,000 small businesses and 30 years of research to your enterprise.

Be the change that others seek.

This is a winning hand!
  • Weekly mentoring / acceleration calls
  • Monthly masterminds + 10 yearly CEO coaching sessions

  • Representation: get agency for your brand, increased market

  • Equity: own shares in the movement, profit from the mutual success of all members

  • Price Strategy: enlarging your margin, improving leverage

  • Much more, including quarterly retreats and in-depth business-building sessions

CEO Coach Club Unique Offer

GENR8 Explorer Community Membership is a brand incubator for small business. Our limited-time, first approved 10 is: a $25,000 Champion Explorer Membership plus First Year Services Contract for just $800 now and a very special price with awesome terms (read on). The on-going maintenance of your membership following the first year is just $38.05 weekly.

Aren't you worth $38.05 a week?

  • 50 peer coach sessions: Velocity Coaching

  • 10 executive coach sessions: Brand CEO Coach

  • Explorer ‘playbook’: turn your business into a system

  • 12 Group Masterminds

  • 500 Common Shares in the Agency

  • 100 Preferred Shares in GENR8 ELEV8R, next gen app

  • Agency Representation

  • $3,000 bonus credit to the branding services of your choice, including any of:

  • Compelling Communications: building your irresistible offer including profitable multi-level or terms pricing

  • Custom Website: upgrading or reinstalling a state-of-art website and contemporary design

  • Packaging Design: development of a unique and attractive product package (product or service)

  • Social Media, email and newsletter integration: online magic with integrated and automatic communications.

Business Details (for early registrants, only!):



  • $800 now and 4 x payments of $2,038 in 60, 120, 180 & 240 days (total savings of $16,048)*
  • $800 now and 2 x payments of $3,955 in 60 & 120 days (total savings of $16,290)*
  • $800 now and 1 x payment of $7,800 in 60 days (total savings of $16,400)*

*Special savings prices are ONLY for first year (2017) registrants.

Subsequent (second year and after) weekly maintenance dues from just $38.05 weekly ($39.95 weekly with GST) includes on-going Velocity coaching and Group Masterminds. (CEO Coaching and some special services extra.)

First year initiation and lifetime shares includes all membership services for first year including weekly coaching, monthly masterminds, quarterly retreats and customized playbook for your business; (a franchise-ready manual we develop together, over the first year, for your business).

You will receive the $3,000 credit to the branding services of your choice; and that is just the beginning!

One simple outcome: greatly increased profit will be the result of your full on participation in our program.

One simple outcome: greatly increased profit will be the result of your full on participation in our program.

Read about our guarantee here:


Total Year One value exceeds $25,000.

GENR8 Technology Group Inc. guarantees that any Explorer member in good standing will appreciate their profit by at least 30% a year. Good standing includes having paid all membership dues on time and having participated in all scheduled coaching and group calls including our Mastermind program: PEAK Group Solution, CEO Coaching and Velocity coaching as well as any other written requirements of our program stipulated in the GENR8 Explorer Playbook: to our mutual shared group + individual support.

Still not sure? Check out all these areas of development we’ll be covering. Imagine gaining the expertise to truly excel, through:

Business bootcamp–building your business backbone

Business coaching support

Leadership development

Team building

Sales training

Monthly mastermind groups

Communication etiquette–daily communications

Understanding the use of email

How and when to use texts

Appropriate use of voicemail

Developing your social media profile(s)

Marketing–getting your message to the masses

Brand building

Advertising for entrepreneurs

Design school for entrepreneurs

Forms development


Numbers–getting it right

Revenue development and structural price models

Basic accounting

Billing structures


Personal development–being all you can be

Goal setting

Clearing your past

Developing accountability

Building your motivation muscle

Velocity training: get more done, faster

Technical support–automation and magic through technology

Mobile Apps



Social media

Cloud computing

Desktop publishing

Mobile integration

Now, imagine all this brought to you on a PREDICTABLE, manageable and well-paced schedule over the next 12 months: peace-of-mind!

It's your life!