Does your team have difficulty staying engaged with the business at hand?

The GENR8 PEAK engagement process is unlike anything you’ve encountered before. It’s fast (begins with an easy, 5-minute quiz), produces results (100% effectiveness rating by prior participants) and cost-effective (pays for itself in 30 days with teams of 5-10 or more). It’s also flexible: may be introduced in a series of 30-minute facilitated group sessions or 1 all-day session.

  • Up to 70% of workers are not engaged or are actively disengaged with their work (Gallup)

Disengaged team members:

  • Produce 32.7% lower operating income than engaged employees

  • Disengaged employees create disengaged customers

  • Cost companies $3,400 for $10,000 in annual pay

  • Drive customers away

  • Take more sick days

GENR8 PEAK engagement really works!

Here are a few of the written comments we have received:

  • Bryce was well-organized and has a way of getting everyone to participate (and to think!).

  • Finally we are doing something to improve the organization, communication and roles.

  • Kept process light, enjoyable, non-threatening to members.

  • As we went along it became more and more interesting.

  • Required! Should have been done many years ago!

  • Bryce knows the process to make the mind work.

  • ..results actually happened.

Ready to get started?

The GENR8 PEAK engagement process is unlike anything you may have seen before.

  • Easy 5-minute test initiates process and starts the ball rolling;

  • 10 x 30 minute team meetings over 45-60 days creates new dialog, develops new answers

  • (May also be done in different time blocks, including as 1 full-day session);

  • 4 x 1-hour management sessions unveil process and ensure results meet business needs;

  • 1-page synoptic report develops blueprint to effective new communications strategies/roles in your organization that are matched to the skills at hand.


  • 100% effectiveness rating based on prior results


  • Pays for itself within 30 days (based on a team with 5 or more employees and average results).

  • Total investment starting at just $4,550.00 for teams up to 12

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