Do you have challenges to resolve in your marketing, branding and selling process?

THE SECRET PROMISE workshop: 7 branding secrets to unlocking your potential, your power, and blowing the lid off your income was made especially for you! 

7-week business branding workshop. Jan 13 – Feb 24

This practical program for entrepreneurs and marketing professionals helps you produce fast results you can implement right away. Designed with your busy schedule in mind, the combined workshop/lecture/project format is designed to be applied for application to your immediate needs. With relevant lessons in branding, merchandising, sales psychology and communications, you may apply this intensive workshop to your sales, marketing, outreach, human-resources development, or any organizational area that requires extensive communications. Based on 25 years of research and study of the world’s top 100 brands; The Secret Promise equips you to compete on a global stage, or at any level you choose.

Dig into your business results this January and February over seven Friday afternoons of intensive study and application of high-level branding principals. Learn how to compete with global brands, even as a small local business.

Intensive program for entrepreneurs, business owners and sales & marketing professionals:

  • Results you can start using immediately
  • Start making more money right away
  • Designed for your busy schedule
  • Lessons you can take anywhere

Here is what you will get:

  1. understanding of how your brand can connect on a deep level with all people including your employees, partners and customers
  2. instant application to your business: raise returns while reducing risk
  3. professional brand coaching and hands-on help
  4. both group and individual support

Upon completion you will know and understand:

  • Why and how branding works so consistently & profitably
  • Your brand's secret promise (it’s probably not what you think)
  • The sort of offer that works best for your brand: (it’s usually not what you have been doing)
  • Which words never to use in your brand's communications (even if they work for your competition)
  • Why brands that use Secret Promise techniques consistently earn 30% more profit.
Workshop leader and fitness enthusiast Bryce Winter

Workshop leader and fitness enthusiast Bryce Winter

Workshop Leader Vancouver Master Merchandiser, Brand Whiz, Coach, Speaker and Entrepreneur: BRYCE WINTER

Bryce Winter’s uniquely diverse experience and perspective as an experienced coach, professional merchandiser, marketer, presenter and brand wizard will empower you to lever his success with global brands like Chanel, Virgin and TD Canada Trust to create powerful, unstoppable identity and communications in your business. Bryce has worked with dozens of top brands and coached hundreds of business people to overcome personal and business hurdles to lever the distinctly powerful, but Secret, tools of Branding to produce financial freedom and stellar business success.